HighGrass is a small Canadian business created in 2018 by two siblings. We created HighGrass as we felt that there was a lack of products on the market that provided quality, cost and class.  We knew that we could provide a range of premium accessories and products that deliver the quality, the looks and performance that we all want, without the typical associations or costs that we don't always desire. We were tired of the stereotypes and stigmas around cannabis use, we were tired of the judgments and the biases that are assumed and associated with cannabis users, even in today's society. We don't want to be assumed as anything other than who we truly are, because we are not defined by our personal pleasures. We have been fortunate enough to have worked and lived from coast to coast in this amazing country, from Whistler British Columbia, to Guysborough Nova Scotia and we’ve smoked and bonded through moments and experiences with everybody, from the homeless, to off duty officers, firefighters, doctors and a whole lot of other beauties along the way. We know that cannabis use does not define who you are. Everybody just likes to feel good and have a good time, because life is too short to be anything but happy, and we support happy.  We are a small Canadian business who are passion driven, so we say thank you for visiting, are excited to welcome you to our family.

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